Nune-ddine, a delicious layered, savory, Italian-style snack.

Launched in 1992, Nune-ddine is Samlip's representative snack product that reproduces the taste and shape of Italy's representative high-quality snack “sfogliatine glassate.”

Nune-ddine is the notable crispy pie stacked with the sweet taste of thinly covered meringue and apricot syrup in a triangle pattern.

Nune-ddine has been loved for a long time as a friendly yet sometimes luxurious snack.


Crispy and delicious Nune-ddine

It is a representative snack product of SPC Samlip, and was first produced in August 1992.

SPC Samlip developed a high-end Italian pie that had a successful entrance to the snack market due to promotions with famous Korean drama actor Soo-jong Choi as the product’s exclusive CF model. Nune-ddine is the most popular product to hit the pie market, with the highest sales volumes in 1992 and 1993, and the highest daily sales at 8,000 boxes per day.


8,000 Boxes Per Day

Amount of Sales in 1992 and 1993

Nune-ddine succeeded in developing the high-end Italian pie market, showing the highest sales volume in 1992 and 1993 with 8,000 boxes sold per day.

Best Star Soo-jong Choi

Snack Choice of a Famous Korean Drama Actor

When the product was first launched, Soo-jong Choi was a famous Korean drama actor who was popular enough for the company to use as an exclusive CF model. The promotions with the actor helped the product have a successful market launch.

Since 1992

Launch of a Representative Snack

Produced in August 1992, Nune-ddine became a representative snack of the company that was loved for its crispy, sweet taste.