SINCE 1971, Samlip Hopang has been reminiscent of a cold wind.

The original and number one brand of Korean hopang, which warms people from the cold winter every year.

삼립호빵 - SPC 삼립

Since its first release in 1971, Samlip Hopang has accumulated over 6 billion sales, amounting to more than nine sales per second. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the representative winter snack and the hopang that every Korean citizen has tried.

We offer a variety of seasonal limited edition products that reflect trends, from classic red bean, vegetables, and pizza hopang, to snacks that soothe you from the winter cold and hunger, to solid meals and sweet desserts from all around the world.

The hopang that you eat by blowing with a “ho-ho” sound.

Samlip Hopang has become synonymous with the actual dessert, and is now a lifestyle brand that can be enjoyed by men and women.

삼립호빵 - SPC 삼립


Samlip Hopang, with a “ho-ho” and another “ho-ho”
because it’s so hot but tastes great.

The brand was created in late 1968 after a trip to Japan to explore the product market to gather ideas.

The development of Hopang came to light after a year of experimentation that was carried out in a secure and secret location. “Hopang,” a name with the meaning of “hohobunda” (eating with a blowing “ho-ho” sound). We started selling Hopang in October 1971. The original price was 20 won, four times more expensive than other breads that were selling for five won at the time. From mid-October to February of the following year, sales accounted for 15% of the total sales for the company. During the three months of winter, sales of Hopang reached half of the total sales for the company. In 1986, we began exporting the product to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Canada. The export target was set at $200,000 USD for that year, with the highest sales of 1.6 million products per day. Hopang has had the same standard size (10 cm in diameter, weight of 108g) ever since it was first introduced to the market.



6 Billion Sales Since Launch

It has become the national hopang, which contains memories of eating hopang in a steamer by blowing with a “ho-ho” sound. It is the national hopang (Hopang) that has sold 6 billion products worldwide.

365 Days

One Year Before Being Introduced to the World

The product was released after researching the Japanese product market and experimenting for a year with the best security in place while the company worked to gather ideas.

Since 1968

The Time Hopang Became Loved

Hopang has been a popular product ever since its launch in 1968.