Management Philosophy

We are SPC Samlip, a trustworthy company built on a half-century of history and tradition.

SPC Samlip is a specialized comprehensive food company that comes from a half-century of history and tradition.

Since its founding in 1945, SPC Samlip has grown as a food company with consumers in line with the improvement of people’s diets.

We do our best to provide customers with the highest quality products and services based on the experience and technology we have accumulated over the past half-century.

Vision 2025

Creating a happy life
with the best bakery, food, and service


Top 3 comprehensive food company leading the innovation of digital distribution as a global food company


  • Sales

    Sales 2.7 Trillion KRW

  • Operating Profit

    Operating Profit 5%

  • Corporate Value

    Corporate Value 2.5 Trillion KRW


  • Value Up

    Strengthening the lineup of all brands and products with additional high value

  • Expansion

    Category expansion / Global expansion

  • Pioneer

    Leading the market through distribution/product innovation

  • Focus

    Concentration of core competencies, strong execution

  • Smart &

    Individual and organizational creative innovation, challenging growth