Introducing our CI and BI with SPC Samlip's history and management philosophy.

SPC Samlip CI

SPC Samlip’s “traditional” and “trusted” images were added to SPC Group’s “youth” and “global” images to demonstrate our commitment to becoming a global comprehensive food company.

SPC Samlip CI

Symbol Mark

A bowl containing the shape of a smile and sincerity with the concept of “happiness.”
SPC Group’s CI “SAMLIP” symbolizes craftsmanship. It is written in the English language to symbolize the group’s management philosophy of “making the world happy with the best quality, customer focus, and creative challenge.”

SPC Samlip BI

The concept of “Beyond Bakery” contains SPC Samlip’s will to grow as a comprehensive food company.

The tradition and craftsmanship we have accumulated over the last 70 years continue to uphold the values of youth and innovation, friendliness and happiness, and future-oriented lifestyles and sharing.


Symbol Mark

In addition to inheriting the traditional red color, the mark adds a soft and warm feeling by utilizing the unique curves and space throughout the logo as well as the style of handwriting.


We express pride in making only the best products and promises to our customers. Our slogan contains our will to enter the global market.

History of Changes to Our CI

History of Changes to SPC Samlip CI

  • Chinese characters and Korean characters are used for the oval shape
  • Combination of S (Samlip), F (Food), 立 (三立 = Samlip), and O (Bread Shape)
  • 1980.06.01 ~

    Two hearts overlapped to symbolize the hearts of consumers and businesses
  • 1995.01 ~

    Modern and global image of a comprehensive food company
  • 1997.03.14 ~

  • 2005.07 ~

    Emphasis on trust and change with customers and the will to innovate
  • 2013.10 ~

    “Harmony (Balance)”
  • 2017.09 ~

    Willingness to take the leap as a comprehensive food company

History of Change to Shany CI

  • 1972.10 ~

    Symbol of high quality cake “Shany Cake”
  • 1983.09 ~

    Shany Tree
  • 1994.05 ~

    Image of a sun rising as an image of bread
  • 2000.05 ~

    Currently, “We Bake Goodness”