These are the footsteps that have been taken by trustworthy SPC Samlip to create a better future.

  • 1945.10

    Established Sangmidang, the First Step of SPC Samlip

    1945 was the noble birth of SPC, which continues to resonate through today’s Samlip Food.

    SPC삼립의 첫걸음 상미당 설립
  • 1949

    Developed a Sangmidang-style Oven and Anthracite Kiln

    Sangmidang’s anthracite kiln was the “Best Move”. The kiln is perfect for making bread as it spreads heat evenly, and has a fuel price that is only a tenth of the white coal used in the market.

    상미당식 오븐, 무연탄 가마 개발
  • 1959.03

    Established Samlip Confectionery Corporation and started construction on factory in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea

    SPC삼립의 첫걸음 상미당 설립
  • 1964

    The Beginning of the Legend of Cream Bread

    In addition to the application of new baking technology, the company launched Korea's first cream bread packaged in plastic. Cream Bread, which combines chewy bread with sweet and soft cream, was the company’s best selling product and helped Samlip become the best baking company in Korea.

    크림빵 신화의 시작
  • 1968.03

    Completed construction on factory in Garibong-dong, Seoul, South Korea

  • 1968.06

    Changed company name to Samlip Food Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 1971.07

    Completed Construction on Oil and Fat Factory in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

    Brought the company’s margarine and shortening to the market

    군포유지공장 준공
  • 1971.10

    Hopang, Another Legend

    Hopang, an ambitious baked good that changed the low season of bread sales to the busy season of bread sales. Hopang, which gained incredible popularity thanks to a creative idea, has become known as the winter bread, and to this day, continues to warm people all throughout winter.

    삼립호빵 출시
  • 1974.04

    Completed construction on factory in the Honam Region

    호남공장 준공
  • 1974.11

    Launched Hi-myon

  • 1976.09

    Launched Full Moon Cake

    보름달 출시
  • 1979.05

    Completed Construction on the Samlip Food Factory in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

    Established a growth base as a general food company through a dual-factory system with the major factories in Garibong-dong and Cheongju

    삼립식품 청주공장 준공
  • 1984

    Brought Castella Milk Cake to the Market

    Castella Milk Cake, an ice cream sandwich that has ice cream between castella, was the biggest hit for Samlip Food in the 1980s.

    아시나요 시판
  • 1985.05

    Completed construction and started operations at the Ice Cream Factory in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

  • 1986.01

    Completed construction and started operations at the Cheongju Bread Factory in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

  • 1986.06

    Selected as an official supplier for the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Olympics

  • 1988.02

    “Kkushi Kkushi,” Samlip’s first luxury brand

    삼립최초 고급브랜드 '꾸시꾸시'
  • 1989.03

    Completed Construction on Factory in Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

    The factory in Daegu was built to establish a regional production system with production facilities near consumers in order to maintain the freshness of bread.

    대구공장 준공 가동
  • 1990.01

    Produced Shao Noodle and Chinese Ramen

  • 1992.09

    Launched Italian-style luxury pie Nune-ddine

    이태리풍 고급파이 누네띠네 출시
  • 1995.01

    Changed Name from Samlip Food Industry Co., Ltd. to Samlip G.F (General Foods)

    ㈜삼립G.F로 상호 변경
  • 1995.03

    Completed construction on factory in Sihwa, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

  • 1997.03

    Changed company name to Samlip Food Co., Ltd.

  • 1999.01

    Acquired ISO9001 Quality System Certification

  • 1999.03

    Launched Gukjin Bread

    In March 1999, Gukjin Bread was a sensational hit as it was the first bread in the baking industry that had its own character.

    제빵업계 최초의 캐릭터 빵 '국찐이빵' 출시
  • 2005.01

    Awarded the Grand Prize in the food sector by The Korea Economic Daily

    한국경제신문 식품 분야 소비자 대상 수상
  • 2006.02

    Started Rice Cake Franchise Business (Opened first shop under the direct management of Bizeun)

    떡 프랜차이즈 사업 개시
  • 2006.09

    Acquired HACCP Rice Cake-type Certification

    HACCP 떡류 인증 획득
  • 2006.12

    Acquired ISO22000 (Food Safety Management System) Certification

    ISO22000(식품안정경영시스템) 인증 획득
  • 2007.02

    Acquired HACCP Hamburger-type Certification

    HACCP 햄버거류 인증 획득
  • 2008.11

    Acquired HACCP Frozen Noodles-type Certification

    HACCP 냉동면류 인증 획득
  • 2009.12

    Acquired Compliance Management System (CMS) Certification

    준법경영시스템(CMS) 인증 획득
  • 2010.03

    Entered the operations business at highway rest areas

    고속도로 휴게소 운영사업 진출
  • 2011.03

    Took over the sales division of SHANY Co., Ltd.

    ㈜샤니 영업부문 양수
  • 2012.12

    Took over MILDAWON Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the parent company

    지배회사의 종속기업인 ㈜밀다원 인수
  • 2014.07

    Established Samlip GFS

    삼립 GFS 설립
  • 2015.06

    Samlip Food: Opened rest area for Bogyeongsa Temple

    삼립식품_보경사 휴게소 오픈
  • 2015.08

    Samlip Food Bizeun: Opened Incheon Airport airside restaurant

    삼립식품_빚은_인천공항 에어사이드점 오픈
  • 2015.09

    Samlip GFS: Acquired HACCP Certification for Livestock Storage Method

    삼립GFS 축산물보관법 HACCP 인증 획득
  • 2016.11

    Changed company name to SPC Samlip

    SPC삼립 사명 변경
  • 2017.06

    Completed Construction on SPC Fresh Food Factory (Cheongju Factory)

    SPC프레쉬푸드팩토리 준공(청주공장)
  • 2017.06

    Expanded Sand Farm Line at Sihwa Factory

    시화공장 샌드팜 라인 증설
  • 2017.09

    Changed BI of SPC Samlip

    SPC삼립 BI 변경
  • 2017.11

    Launched Retail Salad “Pig in the Garden Bowl Salad”

    리테일 샐러드 '피그인더가든 볼샐러드' 론칭
  • 2017.12

    Acquired Consumer Centered Management (CCM) Certification

    소비자중심경영(CCM) 인증 획득
  • 2018.07

    Operated Cafe Snow Pop-up Store

    카페스노우 팝업스토어 운영
  • 2018.07

    Merged with affiliates Glücks Schwein, Mildawon, and Egg Farm

    그릭슈바인, 밀다원, 에그팜 계열사 흡수합병
  • 2019.05

    Launched Premium Bakery Brand “Meegak”

    프리미엄 베이커리 브랜드 '미각제빵소' 론칭
  • 2019.06

    Launched HMR Brand “Samlip Eats”

    HMR브랜드 '삼립잇츠' 론칭칭
  • 2019.08

    Conducted Exclusive Supply Contract with Kraft Heinz

    크래프트 하인즈 독점 공급계약 체결
  • 2019.09

    Acquired business operational rights for Gapyeong Rest Area

  • 2019.11

    Launched Urban Life Snack Store “City Deli”

    어반라이프 스내킹 스토어 시티델리 론칭